Hello and welcome to iTile Vancouver.  My name is Jorge Aguilar,  and I am the owner of iTile.

Many years ago a friend of a friend of a friend rocked my world by showing me  how to use tiles as an art form. At that time, I was a professional photographer working for magazines and newspapers shooting  commercial photography. I began using tiles to create unique art forms. My photography background gave me an unique perspective on tiling aesthetics. It was love at first sight. I was hooked! At first, I created a 2x2 counter top design that  a customer then wanted  translated onto the floor of his main entrance. This led to another exciting tiling project as part of a bathroom renovation project.

The demand for my tile designs and skills became larger and more complicated, so I quit photography and  immersed myself in the fantastic world of high-end residential tiling. I developed my tiling skills and expertise in bathroom renovations by working for one of the top-ten tiling companies in Vancouver,  Powerhouse Tile. Their guidance, work ethic and high standards of work gave me invaluable experience that drives me to always want to produce the best quality tile installations. iTile is a home base business and  is dedicated to combining stylistic and aesthetic form with high quality workmanship.